Attracting and converting leads is the end goal of marketing strategies, and that is why so much money is spent on them. But how often are leads drifting away, finding somebody else to do business with instead? For most, this happens far too often, and it’s because of poor sales leads accountability.

Poor sales leads accountability

Sales leads accountability refers to how accountable you and your sales agents are in dealing with sales leads. If your agents are losing leads because they were not accountable and left the lead to ‘drift away’, that is a serious problem. Far too many companies are losing customers because they take far too long to contact them, or sometimes neglect to contact their leads altogether.

In order to improve sales accountability you need a sales leads alert system.

Sales leads alert systems

A sales leads alert system, as its name implies, is a system based around alerting you to the needs and presence of your leads. Many of the poor leads accountability issues mentioned above don’t necessarily come from intentionally neglecting leads, but rather from hectic work schedules and circumstances that push new leads from your mind. Sales leads alert systems improve sales accountability by making sure, on your behalf, that you don’t neglect your leads.

The moment a lead comes in, a good sales leads alert system will automatically notify you. At the same time, it will be able to tell you where each and every lead is coming from, as well as assigning these to the correct sales agents. You will even be able to set it to assign leads to your sales agents equally so that nobody has too much or too little work. And as an added optimising feature your sales leads alert system will be able to inform you that leads are being neglected and need to be checked up on urgently, which gives you the chance to rectify the situation before it becomes a problem.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what a quality sales leads alert system can do for improving sales accountability. Try out the Leadtrekker free trial and see just what such a system can do for your lead conversion rates!