Printing technology is known to have reached every nook and corner of the earth. The importance of printing media in today’s life has been becoming tremendously important each day. This media is even considered to be a constant and serious watchdog of the politics in many nations. Every person’s morning normally begins with a newspaper in hand, or a magazine. These are some of the most important printed materials. Newspapers are considered to be the reliable source of information that one can easily avail. This gives a better understanding about the world and the things that happen around them on a daily basis. There are even letter sections that allow people to participate in the discussions that are held by newspapers. With the increase in the rate of literate people in the world, printing media is gaining a strong foot that ever before. Because of their exposure on the print media, a number of unethical behaviors of people are conducted in a suppressed manner, if not for these medium a number of ground breaking changes in the world would never have happened when there were no phones and internet. The fifty five prints has played a major role in the freedom struggle of a number of nations as they were the only mass production media that was readily distributable.

When today’s life is considered, printing is found its place in every aspect of a person’s life. Right from bringing the happenings around the world to being a proof to some of the most important agreements printed papers plays a very major role. Even after the electronic media has grown so much, people who rely on printing media are still the same. The circulations of newspapers are constantly increasing and the number of people reading them also increases every day. This is because, newspaper is considered to play a vital role of and for any democracy. The printed articles play a decisive role in updating the public about the current affairs and also formulating the public opinion in a manner that is well balanced. Newspapers allow people to participate in fields like economic, social and also political affairs of the country that they live in. With the right knowledge they can have an intelligent participation in all these fields. Printing organizations like fifty five prints strive very hard to give a number of printed materials to people and their customers at a very reasonable price.