Paid digital advertising comes in many forms, two of the most prominent methods being search and display advertising. The purpose of these types of advertising with Google AdWords and Google searches is to give your product or service greater exposure. Here we will tell you some of how this happens.

What is search advertising?

Search advertising, also referred to as pay-per-click advertising, is something that you see every day on Google searches. Amongst the first results which come up on the Google search engine you will notice some which have “ad” next to them, and if you look closer you see some of your search keywords in these advertisements. That is search advertising in practice.

How this works, for you, is that you bid an amount you are willing to pay for each click your advert acquires – hence, ‘pay-per-click’. Unlike expensive advertising on billboards, radio or television, you only pay the amount you are willing to pay for this advertising, and then only when your click is actually clicked on. This is great for small businesses because you get your advertising up onto people’s related Google searches, and save money by only paying for the times it was effective in drawing customers. However, it is possible for other business people to outbid you and have their ads show up before yours, or even instead of yours. It’s up to you to decide whether you can afford to compete for bids or not.

What is display advertising?

Display advertising, also known as banner advertising, is very similar to search advertising in that it shows up on Google searches, except it makes use of images – hence ‘display’. Display advertising is especially effective for advertisers selling goods. If, for instance, you are selling cameras and have opted for display advertising then a picture of your product may appear under the search bar along with a few others. This displays your product right away, attracting the customer, and you can have the price and website displayed as well.

If you are using Google AdWords networks effectively, you can also have your display adverts show up in banners on Google Display Network websites. So you can show off your products and prices all over the internet, which is great for marketing. And it is still far cheaper than conventional advertising options.

Are they effective?

The simple answer: Yes. It depends on what you expect or need from your advertising strategy, and what you are selling. Display ads are perfect for those selling products, whereas search advertising will be more comprehensive and effective for services.

People are on the internet for most of their day, and a lot of that time is spent on Google searches. So have a look at what suits you best, or look up a certified Google partner to help you make the best of this great marketing opportunity.