Marketing through search engines is a huge portion of the whole market. Contemporary situation is that a visitor is a lot more likely to visit your website by using a search engine than by directy typing in your website address. As a matter of fact over 4 out of 5 visitors find you through the a search engine.

What that says is that organizations which neglect search engine ranking make a huge mistake, however how does the organic SEO compare to a PPC?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which divides into two main components : On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. PPC stands for Pay Per Click ads, sponsored links and Google AdWords.

What is a well known fact is that both of these options can bring results if done properly. Most would wonder though what exactly differences are there between these two and how do they compare in terms of delivering exact results? Naturally, each have it’s own advantages and vices.

Doing more research and reading the newest data on the topics we can come up to a staggering conclusion : organic search results are way more effective than PPC. And way more in this context means people are 8.5 times more likely to click on the high positioned website within the organic search scope than PPC. What can be attributed to that is the education and experience of internet users who understand that organic search results are a lot more respectable ones as even a complete newbie company on the market can pay for PPC and be visible to some easily.

So are there any advantages to PPC? To start with, they are pretty expensive and when the money is gone, your websites appearance is gone as well. No money – nobody looking! However, there is a little advantage to those who want to fork out the money on PPC. They convert better – around 50% better than organic search.

Doing quick maths on this subject one can come to the results that possibilities from organic search is 5.(6)x that of paid one.

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